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Topics can be anything related to cycling. For example:

  • Riding Trips
  • Training Tips*
  • Nutrition*
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Reviews
  • Race Reports
  • Personal Experiences

*For training tips and nutrition articles, please include your credentials in your bio.


Submissions must be a text or Word document and include at least one high-resolution photo. Photos must be submitted separately via Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc in jpg format. Do not embed photos into the Word document, they will not be accepted. Articles without a photo will not be published. Photos must include photo credits. Please email submissions to submissions@cybelemag.com.


Articles should be between 600-1500 words.  We reserve the right to edit all submissions before posting.


Cybele Magazine is based in Canada with an international audience. While we want you to use your own voice, please keep slang to a minimum as slang words can be lost in translation.

No emoticons or excessive exclamation points/question marks.

Please proofread your article before submitting.


Each article must include a short biography of the author. If your article is about training or nutrition, please include your credentials. Please include a photo of yourself as well, either a head shot or an action shot.

Please note only original articles will be considered for print.