One of the least thought about accessories for your bicycles is a good rack for transport. So many times these beautiful bikes hang over the tailgate, are strapped lazily to a rear hatch rack or broken apart and shoved inside your vehicle. With the challenges of suspension hardware, smaller frame sizes for many women and a mixed selection of bikes, a good rack will give your vehicle much improved carrying power to transport your bikes in style.

Nice low and aerodynamic placement of bikes.

Tray racks provide a great option for any vehicle with a receiver hitch on board. As spring approached we received the Yakima Dr. Tray in 1.25 size to test out. Right out of the box, the rack was looking sharp and took about 15 minutes to setup for use. Tool free mounting and adjustments were a pleasant suprise compared to our previous Holdup 2. The Dr. Tray is the evolution of the Hold-Up Series of tray racks, with an all aluminum tray for lighter overall build. Depending on the model the weight is between 10 and 16 pounds lighter than the Holdup series. The 2″ version is actually 6 pounds lighter than the 1.25.

Easily carries many size of wheel and bike.


  • Low lift height for bikes. No more fighting to lift and slide your bike onto a prong style rack. easy height and nice large tire loops make for easy and quick loading.
  • Easy tool free adjustment. Each bike mount will slide left or right, front or back, to make room for seat posts / handlebar overlap.
  • Tilt lever at back of rack. Our previous racks required reaching down near the tilt pivot to move from flat to upright position. The handle is nice and wide for two hand grip when you’ve
  • Built in locks. Going for a quick burrito or ice cream after your ride, these quick access cables will keep those quick grab hands from taking your friendly steed.
  • Integrated bottle opener. For those times you can’t find another opener near by.


  • Lower and slightly longer placement of lock knob could be a challenge on some low sedan’s and sport wagons.
  • Dirt and grit can make the tilt locking mechanism stiff to release.
  • Wider trays for wheels may extend past sides of car.

Long-Term Results

The Dr. Tray has been a wonderful rack through this spring and summer. Through many miles of driving it has easily been up to the task of securely holding the bikes. The tilt down mechanism has had many miles of use with loading dogs into the back of the car. The rack continues to stay tight and stable without any adjustment. A few low curbs have meant grounding out the rack, but the little wing that hangs down has done it’s part to protect the tool free mounting knob.


We’ve really enjoyed this rack which makes for easy testing of the various different bikes which come to our location. If you’re looking for a solid rack to carry behind your sedan, suv, wagon or otherwise, this would be a great choice.